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Discover Fitness / Discover Performance continues to grow and evolve, while bringing the best in regards to training facilities and performance conditioning. We have invested in further development of the facility to compliment our training programs and services, while supporting the needs of our members.

Over 15 000 square feet of functioning space, which includes three different areas for specialty training, state-of-the-art equipment, high quality turf and lifting platforms, and so much more.  We also offer a co-ed steam room, unlimited tanning to our members, and several classes running at multiple intervals throughout the day - every day.


You may be asking yourself, with so many services available, where do I begin? A fitness consultant dedicates an hour to help you answer that question. Using the information on your health and fitness questionnaire, your personal success journal, and through various physical assessments, your Consultant will provide you with professional guidance and fitness recommendations, helping you to understand your specific fitness needs. These recommendations will be based on your personal needs, and will help you successfully reach your short term and long term fitness goals. Many members prefer to have a coach / personal trainer help them achieve success, some prefer our group fitness programs and some prefer to try on their own. Your Fitness Consultant will make sure you get started in the right direction.



Everybody has their own reasons for deciding they should do more regular exercise. Health reasons, to lose weight, improve fitness, reduce back pain, and improve energy levels are just some of the popular reasons. Whatever your objectives are, you will need to devote some time, energy, and money towards achieving them. Furthermore, the exercises you do need to be safe, effective, and appropriate for your physical condition and ultimate goals. Through personal training you are much more likely to achieve the results you desire, because you will be doing the right blend of exercises, with the right technique, and at the right intensity.

Benefits of working with a personal trainer:

  • People that work with a Trainer see quicker and more significant results than those that try to exercise on their own.

  • People that work with a Trainer schedule their appointments ahead of time and commit to working out regularly. This level of accountability improves the likelihood that people will see the results they want.

  • People that work with a Trainer have constant variety in their program so that they are not bored with the same old program day-in-and-day-out.

  • People that work with a Trainer are constantly being educated and learning new things that empower them to improve their health and fitness levels.

  • People that work with a Trainer get constant coaching to ensure they are doing exactly what they need to in order to accomplish their goals. Often people know what they need to do but won’t take initiative; they require someone else keeping them accountable on a regular basis.



One of the first benefits of partner training, is that you have another person to enjoy the fun with you that goes along with the workout.  If there is someone there who is working with you, you will not only feel more comfortable, but you’ll also work harder and you get to share the cost and the workload.

Now a little competition has entered play. Let the games begin!



Registered for an event or just looking to have fun with friends! Group training could be for you. Whether it’s Tough Mudder, Hockey or staying active with friends we will customize to your needs and goals. Group Training, this missing link between Classes and One on One Personal Training, may be the answer to helping you reach your goals.

Group Sizes Min. 6 People

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